About Haplomics

Haplomics’ mission is to improve the standard of treatment of hemophilia patients using the company’s discoveries of genetic blood haplotypes and genetic engineering techniques to repair the defective DNA of hemophilia patients and affect a permanent cure for hemophilia. To accomplish this mission, the scientists at Haplomics are pursuing three promising initiatives to control and potentially eliminate this disease:

1. Determine why 30% of treated hemophilia patients have a severe adverse immune response to blood clotting factors, the only known treatment for the disease;

2. Develop a new technique to overcome this severe adverse immune response to allow affected patients to once again be treated with clotting factor; and

3. Repair patients’ genetically defective DNA so their own cells produce the missing clotting factor, curing them for life.

Achieving each of these goals will be a major advancement in the treatment of hemophilia and significantly improve the health and quality-of-life for people with the disease.

Haplomics has assembled a world-class team of scientists. This team is following a development program to personalize the genetic repair of the most common mutation causing severe hemophilia. Haplomics believes that this research can lead to the development of a cure. Beyond this, Haplomics believes its genetic engineering tools and techniques can be developed to affect a cure for hemophilia. If successful, it would also have broad application for treating and curing other genetic blood disorders, as well as some cancers.

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